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African Hunters with Prey Wooden Carving

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Type: Wooden Carving

Depiction: African Hunters with Prey

Condition: Great, please see information below for greater detail

Measurements (approx.): 10" L x 11" H x 2.5" W

Weight (approx.): 1.5 lbs

Info: Amazingly detailed, authentically vintage hand carved solid wood statue of two African male hunters and their prey. Maintains export stamp on the underside of the carving. The carved statue consists of the main base, which includes the figures of the hunters, a machete, the prey, and the stick used to carry the prey. The carving may be missing an additional carved machete or other weapon (not included). The end of the stick used to carry the prey has been previously snapped off (pictured). The carving will still support the stick/prey exactly as pictured. The additional part of the stick will be included regardless. The prey appears to have been previously altered or repaired with some glue on an ear and the tail.