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Soholm (Denmark) Tea/Coffee/Mocha Set (19 pieces)

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Brand: Soholm (Denmark)

Type: Tea/Coffee/Mocha Set

Condition: Good, most pieces included in set are in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or other significant damage to note. Some of the cups exhibit some gold paint loss and a few have minor flea bites along their rims, teapot and lid are in excellent condition.

Set includes:

  • Teapot (8" H)
  • Teacups (2.5" W) - 5 count
  • Teacups (Gold Gilded) (2.5" W) - 3 count
  • Toothpick Holder (2.5" H)
  • Saucers (4.25" W) - 7 count
  • Small plates (4.25" W) - 2 count